Quarantine Be Like…

It’s been almost a year since we have been in lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus. While many lives were affected by this deadly virus, many people’s mental health has declined as well. Isolation can have severe, damaging effects on the brain, and on our overall mentality. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) between June 24 -30, 2020 40% of US adults reported struggling with mental health or substance use. Whether your working from home or finding yourself unable to socialize the lack of social stimulus can lead to depression. The fear of the unknown is the leading cause of anxiety, so not being able to determine when this lockdown will be lifted, many of us have been in a continuous anxious state. So what do we do to alleviate these symptoms that isolation has brought upon many of us?

Take breaks from watching the news and social media highlights.

I know in my house CNN is on constantly. It’s on a continuous loop about Covid deaths and other stressful announcements during this harsh period in time. It can get tiring, draining, and depressing to constantly be watching and reading about the events of this lockdown. Try stepping away or turning off the news and social media for a while. This will allow you to take your mind off of negative news events and focus on preserving your thoughts and maintaining your mental health.

Take care of your body

Now, this goes without saying, your physical is just as important during this period in time. Especially now, the increase in obesity and weight gain has skyrocketed, as many gyms are closed and social distancing is mandatory.  There are plenty of things you can do while in order to maintain your physical health. Exercise, go for a walk, eat healthier, yoga, meditating, etc… A little bit each day can go a very long time if you just focus on making sure you keep active and pay attention to what goes into your body.

Connect with others and/or our community.

The point of this is to avoid isolating yourself and maintaining communication with friends and loved ones as we are all feeling the effects that Covid has on us. If you have a church community, online community, or meetup groups, it’s good to keep active in socializing and checking on each other. Not having support can feel overwhelming and lonely, which is damaging to our mental health. Both depression and anxiety can force us into isolation and staying away from others. So before getting there, pay attention to your mental cues and if you feel you are lonely or need to socialize, go on and do it. But do so in a safe way.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling to cope with your mental health there are plenty of resources available both online and offline. If you don’t know where to start you can click the following link and it’ll take you to a list of resources:  https://themword.net/support/. However, if you feel you need immediate attention I suggest you call your physician or go to your closes Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Also, feel free to reach out to me personally, I will be more this happy to direct you in the right direction depending on the severity of your mental condition. I know what you’re going through and this has been a tough time for most of us, but it doesn’t have to stay this way. Healing is possible and this is temporary, it will not last forever.