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Welcome to The M Word! Thanks for stopping by…Why The M Word? Mental Health Awareness and Mental Disorder Treatments have advanced in many ways, yet mental illnesses still have a reputation for being a negative condition. Conditions that are hard to live with, discuss, treat, manage, even cure. Ask yourself,
"What words come to mind when you hear the term ‘Mental’?" I’ll wait. A few words probably popped in your mind like crazy, nuts, psycho, possibly even, scary or dangerous. Mental illness is not a bad or dirty word, it’s a medical condition just like diabetes or high blood pressure. Through personal experience, The M Word strives to help those living with mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. To help others embrace their stories, and to help bring mindfulness and awareness to those who are unaware.

Allowing our mental health issues, problems, difficulties to define and be a part of who we are is just another way to take ownership of our stories and our realities.


The M Words mission is to bring mindfulness to anxiety and depression conditions, to start a community of like-minded people where we can grow together, help identify, and/or manage our symptoms and embrace our stories. We strive to help and support those with these conditions appropriately and/or direct them to the right professional help they may need. No matter what you go through in life or are currently going through when it comes to mental issues there is a better way, it doesn’t have to be the “death” of us.

The M Word is a safe place where we can talk freely about living with mental struggles, take control of our symptoms, and ultimately our lives. This is a place where we can support each other, learn from each other, and feel comfortable and confident in managing these illnesses on our own.

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