With Christmas only a few days away, you might be wondering what to get that special someone in your life that may be struggling with mental health issues. While this time of year can be especially tough for more people, it can be extremely difficult for those who are trying to manage and live with mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression. So what are some last-minute gifts you can pickup for your loved one? I’ve provided 5 things that are sure to benefit your loved one this holiday season.

Top 5 Last Minute Gifts

1.Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is perfect for those who struggle with anxiety attacks or have difficulty sleeping during the evening. You may be wondering how a blanket can help with anxiety? Well, the idea is to calm the body and provide a sense of security. Since anxiety, stems from fear and the body reacts by increased stimulation, the blanket allows pressure in order to calm and relax the body.

2. Bath/Beauty Kit

The idea of gifting a bath or beauty kit goes along with the idea of creating a calming relaxed environment for your anxious loved one. Also, it allows the anxious person to focus on self-care and relaxation instead of whatever may be causing crippling anxiety. Plus it ensures that they are focusing on self-care as that is an important factor when it comes to caring for mental health.

3. Adult Coloring Book

As I’ve mentioned before, studies suggest art in many forms allows self-expression. It allows us to express ourselves when we can’t quite put things into words. Sitting down with a coloring book not only creates a calm, relaxed state; but it also gives the anxious person a sense of control. It allows them to express themselves however they’d like with no rules or guidelines to follow. That makes it perfect for anxiety. By incorporating arts and crafts into our daily lives it allows us to improve our moods and increase overall happiness.

4. Candles

Aromatherapy is known to improve mood, mental state, and/or health.  Although aromatherapy is not a treatment for anxiety, research shows that aromatherapy can relieve symptoms of anxiety. Lighting candles creates a calm environment. Plus, the variety of scents can create a space where they are able to relax and feel comfortable in their own space. It’s a simple gift that provides many benefits.

5. Essential Oils with Diffuser

What better a gift than that of a diffuser with essential oils. As mentioned before, aromatherapy provides many benefits for those suffering from anxiety. What’s nice about essential oils is that they are made from plant parts. While there are a handful of essential oils, my go-to fragrances are lavender for a calming effect whenever I feel anxious. With multiple combinations and varieties of essential oils, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for your anxious loved one.

Maybe you’ve already purchased the perfect gift for your loved one this year, but are wondering what to do to reduce your own stress and anxiety during these difficult times. I’ve provided 10 self-help techniques here that are my go-to favorites whenever I’m feeling anxious or depressed.

Don’t forget! We are not our mental diagnoses, our stories matter, and mindfulness about mental health is so important. Living life is hard already, we don’t have to go through this alone.